Why Liquor Control is Right for You

Liquor control gets such a bad rap in the bar industry. Bartenders turn their noses up at the first hint of it. Bar owners are afraid to utter the words for fear of potentially losing customers and offending their bartenders.

But I'm here today to tell you it doesn't have to be that way! What if I told you that you could keep a better handle on your liquor expenses, put more money in your registers, and keep everyone happy, customers AND bartenders? This is not magical fairy dust I'm trying to feed you, it really is possible. Our liquor control options have something for everyone and will leave everyone satisfied.

Your bartenders will see on their first shift with the new equipment that it frees them up. It takes the pressure off of them and allows them to do their job and be friendly with their customers without constantly being asked for free drinks or a heavier pour. Your customers probably won't even notice the difference, but they will see a consistency in pouring. Drink recipes will be the same no matter which bartender is pouring it now. You will start seeing the benefits after the first week. Your liquor order will start to go down, while you start to see an increase in sales/profits. We guarantee your system will have paid for itself in less than a year.

We size our liquor control system to fit your needs. Berg has a wide variety of options that allows you to choose what you will actually use. You won't end up buying a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense in your bar setting. You can choose to "control" all of your liquor, only your top shelf, only your well, or any combination. You know your bar the best, so you know what will be the most beneficial. That's why we're here! We can help you get just what you need to see the optimum results. So whether you own a small local bar that pours 8 different liquors, or you own a huge chain of bars that offers every choice of liquor under the sun, we can find what you need to control your liquor costs and get you pouring smarter. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!





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