Perlick Corporation is a national leader in total package bar and beverage systems manufacturing since 1917. We offer Perlick products to meet all of your bar and restaurant needs including custom refrigeration equipment, underbar fittings, and beverage dispensing systems,



Perlick Glycol Cooled Dispensing Towers are engineered to maximize yields specifically for the Perlick Century System. Insulated dispensing heads, combined with pure copper coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet. Factory balanced restrictors control flow and assure solid beer with every pour for maximum profit potential.


Dispensing heads are available in a variety of finishes including tarnish-free brass, chrome and stainless steel. With tower designs ranging from traditional to custom creations, there's a style to fit virtually every decor and dispensing need. Learn more about Perlick's dispensing options here.

Long- Draw Glycol Cooled Dispensers

 Direct Draw Dispensers

Perlick direct draw dispensers are designed to take all the punishment full kegs can dish out.  The reinforced door, super heavy duty door sill and 2" foamed in place walls combine to create the most solid and durable direct draw cabinets available today.  Offered in a variety of styles and sizes to meet every direct draw dispensing need.  


Self-Contained Direct Draw refrigerators are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-door models and can accommodate a variety of keg layouts to maximize your options for dispensing beer. Standard top, back and sides are stainless steel. View all the different options here.

WINECertified Wine Dispensing

WINEcertified is Perlick's guarantee that all Perlick products and their components are manufactured to properly store and dispense wine. Wine dispensing is one of the fastest growing bar trends today.You can find more information about the Wine Certified standards for wine dispensing and the different options for models with wine dispensing capabilities here.



Unlike standard power paks which integrate the refrigeration deck and glycol bath in a single unit, ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology separates the refrigeration deck from the glycol bath.


By separating the Refrigeration Deck from the Glycol Bath, ArcticPOUR Advanced Refrigeration Technology has the ability to solve a variety of beer system challenges.